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Window Draperies are Such a Rich Addition to any Room

The design team at Fabrics and more can give you just the perfect draperies for your home. They can gather samples and bring them to your home or you can come into the showroom and pick the perfect custom drapes. They can help you with this decision and they can make sure that your custom drapes are designed perfectly to fit your window or windows. These decisions are always hard to make as there are so many choices. But you can be assured that you will find just the perfect solution for your home. There are always decisions to make and you will love having the many choices that are available. Custom draperies can make a house look like a home. They can be the perfect accent for any room and for your furniture. The great thing is that you will probably not see your custom drapes on anyone else’s windows as you are creating your drapes and they will be unique. No one wants to see their drapes on someone else’s windows. With so many choices and a great design team, they can make the perfect drapes for your particular home or office. They are some of the best in the business.

When it comes to custom blinds, there are lots of choices. All kinds of fabrics, woods, and other materials are available. You can choose a decorative blind so that the focus of the window is the beautiful blinds that are on them, or if you choose a plain blind with a plain color, you can use drapes or curtains to be the main attraction of the window. It’s all a matter of personal choice and you will love choosing just the right blinds for your rooms.  Blinds have come a long way in the last fifty years and there have never been so many choices. Window DrapesHunter Douglas products are some of the best around and with the quality that most people are looking for. They have the highest rating of customer satisfaction and have a lifetime guarantee. They will last forever as long as they are taken care of. The quality behind these blinds is second to none and they are very functional. Don’t settle for second rate materials, when you can choose the best. With the guarantee that they come with, it’s worth buying quality so that you can have them last for as long as you want them on your windows.

Don’t hesitate to come into the showroom of Fabrics and More. They are a premier dealer in the area and will have everything in the way of fabric for upholstery and drapes. They have every kind of blind and shade or shutter also. Anything in the way of window coverings are available and you will be amazed at all of the choices that are available. They can have their expert installers come to your home and do the measurements and then order the product. When they come in, they will come and do the installation. It’s always best to have the experts install the products.

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Get the FAQ’s on Medical Marijuana Delivery Services

With the idea of medical and recreational marijuana being legal now, there are many people who are still trying to wrap their brains around such a foreign concept. Especially in California, with the introduction of cannabis delivery, people are starting to ask a lot of questions about what this kind of service looks like. Be sure to get the FAQ’s now while the idea is still fresh. That way, you can get out on the town and shop around with all the proper information stored right at your fingertips.Marijuana Delivery Service

Is weed delivery legal in all states?

No it is not. In fact, each state is able to create their own laws surrounding the drug. Even states that have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana do not necessarily have delivery services approved just yet. In California, weed delivery services are only approved for those with a valid medical license to purchase the drug. For the locals there, it has been found to be highly beneficial for individuals who cannot get around as easily as others.

Is there such a thing as recreational weed delivery?

Not yet. They are still working out the kinks in the few states that have even approved the drug for recreational use.

Will each online account remain private?

Absolutely. Services like Your Cannabis Mail and other delivery services are required by law to protect your information just as they would at a doctor’s office or psychiatrist’s office. This is incredibly important that all customers using such a service that is based online feel safe doing so.

Is delivery discreet?

There is no need to worry about some flashy green car showing up at your private home with “weed delivery” labeled all over it. Most delivery services are incredibly discreet when it comes down to the actual delivery process. The last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself when it comes to such a sensitive issue. What you do in your own time is your own business and Your Cannabis Mail will certainly maintain that level of privacy.

What is required to start an account online?

All you need is a valid medical license that has been issued by an accredited physician of the state and access to the Internet. It is as simple as that! Once you create your account, you will need to wait a few days for your medical card to be approved, but once that is cleared you should be good to go.

How long will it take for an account to be verified?

Anywhere from twenty four hours to several days. It really just depends on the level of traffic currently flowing through the site. If there is a high level of new customers, verification will take just a little bit longer.

Does a sales tax apply to each order?

Yes. Whatever the sales tax in your state or district is, will apply to each online order that is processed.

Is there a delivery fee?

Typically, most delivery services do not charge a delivery fee per se, but they do require a minimum purchase price in order to make the delivery worth while.

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Thinking of a Massage? Know What to Look for in a Spa

Everyone knows that a massage is a truly wonderful way to spend a few hours in an afternoon. However, most people do not get to have them all that often, or at least as often as they would like to have them. So when it does come down to time to treat yourself, it is helpful to know what kind of massage you might be looking to get. After all, these things do not run cheap and you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.Spa

There are so many different kinds of massages that are offered at a spa and it always depends on the type of place you are looking into. It can be really helpful to know what you would like to get out of a massage when you go. Are you dealing with some kind of injury or sore spot on your body? Are you looking to deeply relax and let go of the stress you deal with from day to day? Or are you simply looking to just treat yourself for no other reason than you are awesome and you deserve it? Here is a quick guide to compare and contrast the various different massages that you can find at LaTierra Salon in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Sports Massage

This type of massage is going to focus on the muscles that are doing all the work whenever you stress your body out playing sports and such. Typically, a specialist will ask you a couple of questions about what you do and how often you are active in order to get a good idea at what kind of massage they will give you. It is important to be specific about everything in order to get the best massage in the end.

Massage Packages

Sometimes it is best to just have a little taste of everything. There are several packages that will start you off with ease and you will then be slowly guided into activities that deepen your ability to relax. This can truly be a powerful experience if you find the right package for you.

Foot Soak

Cranial Sacral Therapy – massage of the scalp and face

Hot Stone – soothes pinpointed spots across the body

Stress Fix

Chakra – focus on having a more spiritual experience at the spa

Pregnancy Massage

Going through a pregnancy, especially if it is your first one, can be a real roller coaster at times. There is nothing more healing than a nice massage or an entire day at the spa. Husbands, get your loved ones a nice spa package as reward for carrying your baby around inside of them for such a long time.

Foot Reflexology

There are thousands of nerves in your hands and feet and if you are in a profession where you are constantly on your feet, nothing is more rewarding than a foot massage. Be sure to plan this out so that you can go home and continue to stay off of your feet once you have had the massage. You can also save yourself a trip to the nail salon because LaTierra will take care of that for you.

Aqua Therapy

Water can be just as healing as any of the above massages and this could be something that you fall in love with once you try it.


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What is Crisis Management

Crisis management is the protocol followed by organizations when there is a major threat harmful to the organization, the stakeholders, and the public. Studying crisis management first came into play after the disasters regarding the environment and industry happened during the 80s. Crisis management is said to be the most important part when it comes to public relations.

top pr firms

Crisis Management

It is different from risk management which will involve the prevention of certain threats while crisis management is aimed at fighting the threat itself.

A crisis usually has three elements. These are “threatening to the organization”, “the element of surprise”, and “short time to decide”. Some say that a crisis is where the organization’s system undergoes transformations and it goes beyond maintenance, which means that in a crisis there is a requirement for change or else the event can be considered a failure.

Crisis management is a management system based on certain situations. The system has to have certain roles and responsibilities and prepare the organization with the requirements. Responding to a crisis will need the following tasks: Crisis prevention, assessment, handling, and termination. Crisis management is aimed to prepare organizations in times of crisis and make sure that there is a quick response while still having good communication among the people and planning out how to end the crisis.

Management requires several aspects which include;

  • Usable methods to use in response to real and precept crisis
  • Having a plan to know what may cause a crisis and be able to respond quickly with proper action
  • Communication while the organization is undergoing the response of the crisis

The methods being used by the organization are known as a crisis-management plan. In the British document BS11200:2014 you can find the terms and frameworks to understand a crisis. The documents take focus on the organization being exposed to certain risks similar to that of the events of the black swan which made some strategic threats which were targeted on the organization. As of now there is an effort to create a worldwide standard in crisis management.

Another part of crisis management is crisis mindset. This is requires the members to imagine the worst scenario that could happen to the organization and at the same time thinking of solutions to these events. Trial and error is also important because there are chances where the first line of defense fails. It is important in management to prepare a number of back-up plans and have alertness at all times. The members along with the organization should already have plans to respond with immediately. The plans have to been created with proper analyzing and testing out with drills.

The way an organization plans out their crisis management plan and their perception of a scenario with the quick responses can affect their reputation and credibility. Being able to communicate in the organization in times of crisis can prove to be challenging. This means that communication should always have a constant flow throughout the organization so as to have good crisis-communication when responding to a crisis.

A46, carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaners provide more than cleanliness they provide value

Carpet Cleaning services are very important to have today. With our homes of the way they are in the need of being able to keep them clean it’s important to hire the carpet cleaning services to provide the deep cleans better homes so desperately need so many times. Yes we have vacuum cleaners another small household item but the professionals have industrial sized carpet cleaning ability. This makes a difference in the home because of what I can do. It does more than just clean your home it protects the home. It adds value to the home because it protects the items within the home and it allows them to last longer. When you need a professional service that can make a difference you want to be up to have a professional carpet cleaning services come in and do the deep clean. Just a plain makes a difference and protect the items.

It gets rid of the deep-rooted dander and protects the home the way it should be in all aspects that helps you to be able to have a measurable difference of cleanliness and protects the items by removing the dinner and the items that builds up and causes them to fade away. Pet Stain CleanersToday their carpets that even require that you have them regular cleaned in order to keep a warranty valid. This means that you should always have it done in a regular basis to ensure that your home is protected and the value maintains. Notice the difference in your home when you have a professionally cleaned. You’ll be able to see that the valuable services are well worth it and it protects and will make the items within your home last longer.

The cleaners are experts at being able to do many different items they know how to use professional pet stain cleaners and keep your home protected. Having professional upholstery cleaners do their job help you protect the items you live. Professional upholstery cleaners know how to get the job done will help you to protect your valuables with in your home. Upholster furniture can be sacred to many people and being able to obtain them is not always easy to have a professional company come in to protect these items and helping to last longer to meet the world to many of us. But being able to have our upholstery cleaners who know how to take care of each other improperly will help you to be able to ensure that the services are done well and that they are leaving your items protected as you are wanting them to be. Rely on special companies like blue ribbon Chem-Dry to help you with all of your professional needs. They can show you exactly what you need to protect your home to get professional rug cleaning done and I’ll for all the great services that you need to keep your home family and pets protected. Keep your home and your family protected from the gross germs and bacteria that can build up in the carpet if it’s not properly cleaned.

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What can carpet cleaning can do for you

carpet cleanersWhen most people hear carpet cleaning they do think of all the things a carpet cleaner can do for you. There are services beyond basic carpet cleaning that your carpet cleaning company can provide for you for beyond basic carpet cleaning. In fact most companies have a whole range of services to make all the surfaces in your home look and smell great. I mention carpet cleaning services because that is the common name everyone knows them by but they have a lot to offer you that you may not have even realized. One of my favorite things about carpet cleaning is how amazing your home will look after it has been done it is like a breathe of fresh air to know that your carpets have been taken care of by a professional who cares about what happens to your carpets. My favorite part about carpet cleaning is how easy it is to hire a company all you need to do is a quick online search in your area for a company and then make an appointment it is that simple. If you are looking for a great local carpet cleaning I would suggest looking into Brooke’s Chem Dry for a company that provides excellent service at fair prices. I do not know what I would have done if I had not hired this company to come clean my carpets. It is nice to know that I have a company that I can count on in the future. So read on for a list of what carpet cleaners can do for your home.

1. carpet cleaning
Obviously carpet cleaners provide this service to you with minimal effort on your part. On the day of the cleaning they will come into your home ask what needs to be done and you can direct them to the spots they need to clean. Feel free to have them look at problem areas where especially tough stains have set into your rugs or carpets. They use industrial strength carpet cleaners that are sure to have your carpet looking and smelling great.

2. tile cleaning
You may not have known this but many carpet cleaners also do a lot of work with tile cleaning as well. Lets face it we all have a lot of tile in our homes whether it be the counter tops in our kitchens or the flagstone on our patio. One thing is for sure though and that is that these surfaces really pick up the dirt and when they are dirty everyone can tell. So do not delay call your carpet care to help with this problem and get you set up today. The thing about tiling is that dirt can easily slip into the grout which is the material in the spaces between the tiles. When dirt sets in here you might need chemical cleaners to remove it but you will need to find the right one. With carpet cleaning is is much more simplified as your carpet gets cleaned so can your tiling.

A46, Zerona

Is zerona for you

zeronaEveryone wants to lose weight was quickly as possible and that can be difficult through traditional means. If you are like me then you may have noticed yourself getting a little larger and putting on a few pounds. You want to take the steps needed to fix this but with work and family life it might be difficult to find time to go to the gym and exercise like you want too. In fact you might have so little time that you will eat what you can when you get a break for lunch and dinner rather then worry about what you are eating. Not to mentions stress can have a major effect on weight gain that people do not even realize. So if you are in this situations where does that leave you in terms of effective weight loss options that do not take a lot of time. The ones I am most familiar with and most popular are liposuction and zerona both of which are effective in rapidly helping people lose weight. In my personal opinion i like zerona more. If you want to know more a bout zerona and liposuction read on for more information. And if you are seeking weight loss help I would look not further then Laser Magic the perfect place to get zerona treatments.

First let us cover what each treatment option entails. For liposuction you will have to consult with a surgeon and be put under while they do the procedure. You will tell your doctor what part of your body you want the fat siphoned out of and they will get to work. The device used to perform common liposuction surgeries is actually quite simple. It is a small tube with a suction device on the other end and much like a vacuum it sucks the fat right out of your body. As you might know your skin is a series of layers and one of those layers is where the fat is stored. So surgeons will make small incisions in this layer of skin stick the tube in it and suck the fat out. This can be a rather invasive procedure but it is no less effective to reduce your weight.

Zerona is equally effective and far less invasive then liposuction. How zerona works is buy using laser technology to specifically target fact cells in the body. The cells cause the membranes of the fat cells to rupture resulting in the loss of weight from your body. The best part is how simple it is as well. All you need to do is find a zerona center near you and make an appointment with them. When you have your first appointment they will place you in a room place the device on an area of your body and start to machine to get rid of your fat. The whole treatment only takes one hour but you will need to do them for a couple weeks or months to see adequate results.



  1. The misonrisa clinic in Caracas has been making amazing strides with invisible orthodontic care. Venezuela has long been a Mecca for medical treatments of all kinds. The country spends a huge part of its national budget on education, with the greater part of that money going to the medical education fields. Caracas, the nation’s capital, is also a hot spot for many kinds of cosmetic surgeries. You may have heard the stories of “plastic surgery tourism” in Venezuela, where people travel from other countries to get a plastic surgery for cheaper and also take advantage to treat themselves to a vacation. While this is not always a good choice, it just goes to show you how much pull the country has in the field of cosmetic operations. In the last ten years, many of the nation’s young students have been moving into the world of orthodontics, and that has meant a lot of innovation in the field. One clinic in the city, Misonrisa clinic, has made a name for itself in invisible braces, causing other orthodontist across the nation and the globe to start paying attention to what they are doing in Caracas. The Misonrisa clinic has been utilizing new methods with invisalign care which have opened up the books once again on what a large spectrum of patients could benefit from invisalign braces. For example until recently it was thought that invisalign braces could not be used to treat patients with an overbite, however the team of orthodontist at Misonrisa have shown that through careful adjustments in the methods previously employed, the problem can be resolved with invisalign braces alone.  As patients are always looking for a way to make their orthodontic care less noticeable, any innovation in clear braces receives a lot of well warranted attention. The misonrisa group has a website at misonrisa.mx, where you can go to get more information about all they are doing there in the field of invisible braces.
  2. The Heartland clinic in Chicago has taken braces to a fashionable new height. In the heartland clinic the staff is famous for their extensive array of different colored braces and bands, and the great lengths they go to make sure their patents are making a statement with their braces. Among the most popular styles being offered are sports teams colors, and not surprisingly so when you consider the city’s reputation as a sports fanatics hot spot. The Clinic also has braces that actually change color depending on the light they are in. if you are proud to wear braces, the Heartland clinic is the place get your teeth corrected.
  3. The Mar clinic of ortodoncia in Bogota has started to offer orthodontic services right in a patient’s own home. Of course not everyone can afford the in home service that the Mar clinic is offering, but for Bogota’s elite, having the option of getting your teeth straightened right in your own home is worth the extra money. There are even special mobile dental vans that go from place to place with all the staff and equipment needed rolling along on four wheels.
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Are you looking for new window blinds?

Decorating a new space can be very fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful and a bit overwhelming. When decorating a new space there are many decisions to make and questions to answer. If you are not sure about your personal style and not really sure what you are looking for, the process can be that much more difficult. If you have found yourself stuck in your decorating plans it can be really helpful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. People often get caught up in choosing paint colors, picking a rug, or choosing what kind of art work that they want to hang on the wall. These are all very important things to consider, but if you are hoping to revamp the whole room, you need to take a step back.

hardwood flooringThere are two things that can completely change the look and feel of a room: flooring and window treatments. Because flooring and window treatments are not always the most exciting decorating project they often get forgotten or are saved until the last minute. What many people do not realize is that the right window treatments and flooring actually set the tone for the entire room. Once you figure out the window treatments and flooring it becomes much easier to make those other decisions, such as paint, wall hangings, and rugs. Installing new flooring and choosing new window treatments may sound a bit scary and overwhelming, but the truth is that with the right help these projects can be fun and easy!

If you are in the Colorado Springs area and are in need of some help with your window treatments or flooring, Interiors Exteriors is the place to go. Interiors Exteriors has a great selection of flooring options and window treatments. Let us start by talking about the flooring options. When you choose to install new flooring the first step is to think about your budget. You may love the way that hardwood floors look, but once you get to the store you might realize that they are way out of your budget. This may mean that laminate floors are a better option for you; laminate floors can give the look and feel of hardwood floors without the heavy price tag. Interiors Exteriors has a great selection of both hardwood flooring and laminate flooring in order to meet the needs of their clients in any budget category. Their team has many years of experience and they are happy to help you decide which flooring option will work best for your space, your style, and your budget.

Once you have decided on your flooring the next step is to think about window treatments. There are a lot of options out there so it can be helpful to narrow down your options by first choosing a style. Window blinds are often the most popular style because they allow you the most control over the amount of light that is let in to the room.

A46, hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing is Best Done By an Expert

If you are trying to decide upon which hardwood flooring that you want for your home, maybe you should get the information that you need to make that decision. If you have decided on the pattern but can’t decide if you want prefinished wood or onsite finished wood, it is really a decision that you have to make and it will be right either way. If you go with prefinished wood, it will be ready to walk on as soon as it is installed. Onsite finished wood however, will require sanding and refinishing after it is installed. It will be more expensive to install the prefinished wood, but the convenience is better. If you have the wood installed that is unfinished, it will need sanding a finishing put on it and sealed. The wood is cheaper, but by the time you have the work done on the wood, it will probably cost about the same for either. It’s a matter of what you prefer. Hardwood Floor RefinishingAfter the flooring is installed and set and you are ready to walk on it, you will want to make sure that you know how to take care of your new floor. Water is not good for wood and can ruin it. However, a damp mop is the best thing to use to clean your wood floor. A damp mop is not saturated with water and can clean as long as it dries immediately. Never put water on the floor to clean it, just a wet mop. If you want to use a cleaner, white vinegar is the best thing to use.

At T&G Flooring, you will get expert advice and expert installation as well as quality wood products for your hardwood flooring choices. You will be able to have your wood floor installed by expert installers and they will take the time and care that it takes to have a floor installed that looks professional with no debris left behind. You will be very pleased with the work that they do. They will guarantee the work and you can call and get any complaints taken care of immediately. You will be very impressed with the company and you will be amazed at the quality of their work. If you need advice about whether to pick reclaimed wood or not, they can advise you on the best choice. There are pros and cons for each but it’s really just a matter of personal preference. You will enjoy working with our expert installers and they will do the best job for you that is possible.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing is best done by an expert installer. It really should be done every few years after you get your new flooring. If you want to do it yourself, make sure that you are well versed in how to refinish your floor correctly. If you are not sure that you can do it correctly, it’s always best to hire a professional. They will make sure that it is done correctly.

A46, hardwood flooring

The Proper Ways to Care for Your Hardwood Floors

If you have recently taken the plunge and invested in hardwood floor installation, know that you are not quite through with the process of having your nice new floors down. There are a handful of hints to know and keep track of in order to keep those new floors looking new for years to come. Though it might seem like a pain to think about now, right after your brand new floors are installed, you will find these tips helpful in the long run.Hardwood Repair

  1. Rugs for high traffic areas

Your hardwood flooring will see a great deal of traffic over the years. Even if you are walking around in your home with low-impact shoes all the time, the wood will still show signs of wear over a long period of time. This is why it is so helpful to throw rugs down in areas that see a lot of feet. Plus, rugs are a nice way to spruce up the home anyway. Add some color to any room with them, and they will protect your floors while keeping things looking nice.

  1. Keep pet toenails clipped

If you have pets at home, especially dogs, it is helpful to keep their nails clipped as short as possible. Not only is it more comfortable for your dogs to have shorter nails, but it will also keep your hardwood in better shape over the years. There is nothing worse than seeing the unevenness caused from scratching where a dog has spent more time than anyone in the house.

  1. Avoid harsh cleaning materials

Keeping up with your wood floors is an easy task, but you have to know how to do it right if you want to keep from damaging your floors over time. Products with ammonia, wax, oil, or soap in them can really strip the wood and leave it looking worn after a short period of time. There are several special cleaners available that are designed specifically for hardwood that you should always use when you are cleaning your home.

  1. Sunlight can cause discoloration

You want to be conscientious about where the sun is hitting your floors. You can avoid expensive hardwood repair by simply drawing the shades during the parts of the day that the sun is blaring in through the window. Some people prefer to use sheer curtains or shades so the sun still streams in, but it is filtered light that won’t damage the wood floors.

  1. Sweep regularly

Gritty dirt piles up quickly when you are walking around the home with shoes on all the time. You want to be sure to sweep up any dirt as often as possible because it can rub against the wood and cause scratches or wearing.

  1. Hardwood refinishing

It is important to treat your wood floors with the right kind of oils and stains to keep it looking its finest and lasting its longest. If you do this once a year or once every other year, your floors will stay looking in top shape.


What does an HR compliance consulting firm do?

affirmative action planThe employment environment of today is ever changing. It seems like there are always new policies and regulations that employers must follow in order to create an equal and positive work environment for their employees. Whether your business or organization is big or small it is important that your human resources department is able to stay on top of these changes and maintain legal compliance with all new policies, systems, and regulations. With the ever changing employment environment it should come as no surprise that human resources departments often need extra assistance and support in order to maintain best practices and legal compliance with all new policies and regulations. This is where an HR compliance consulting firm comes in.

An HR compliance consulting firm is a consulting firm that specializes in helping human resources departments to maintain compliance with all employment policies and systems. These consulting firms are able to offer feedback and advice that will help the human resources department to operate at their very best. When the human resources department is operating at its best it allows the other departments within the business or organization to stay focused on their work and therefore operate at their best. HR compliance consulting firms can be helpful for any type of business or organization, whether it be big or small, corporate or government funded.

If you are in need of an HR compliance consulting firm to come in and assist your human resources department in getting on track with new policies, systems, or programs, Management Advantage is the place to go. Management Advantage is an HR compliance consulting firm with many years of experience in the consulting industry. They have experience working with many different types of businesses and organizations; from very small organizations to some Fortune 500 companies as well. Management Advantage is dedicated to providing your human resources department with the skills and knowledge that they need in order to operate their department the best that they possibly can.

Management Advantage strives to help their clients to meet their goals by providing them with professional service and top quality products for personnel management, management skills training, personnel policies and legal compliance issues. They are committed to delivering on any promises that they make to their client on or before their deadline. They want to ensure that their client always has the advantage, which means that they work hard to repair any mistakes and sort out any misunderstandings as soon as they are brought to their attention.

Management Advantage has many years of experience working with all different types of businesses and organizations throughout the state of California, but also all across the country. They have worked hard to build a trusted reputation as one of the top rated HR compliance consulting firms in the country. Their focus is associated with labor code requirements, equal opportunity laws, affirmative action plans and regulations as well as the management skills that are necessary for their clients meet those requirements. Call Management Advantage today.

A46, Austrailian labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle as Companions

I’m going on a roadtrip with just a few bare essentials and of course Missy, my adorable caramel Australian Labradoodle. We both love adventures and the outdoor, especially my fur buddy here.

It’s a beautiful spring this year and the weather is just perfect for a long weekend getaway.  It’s been a tough winter at work and in the romance department. Spring cleaning just took on a new meaning, and a road trip sounds like a good idea to shake off the things that didn’t go so well and start anew.

labradoodles australian

Australian Labradoodle

Missy commiserates with me – I think! She’s been a trusty buddy ever since I got her from a Labradoodle breeder friend who convinced me to take her in because I needed her. I work in IT and do most of my work at home. The flexibility of time, the privacy of my space, and the quiet of the home can sometimes be cloying, even during the time I was in a relationship with another human. Dogs can be endearing.  and annoying at the same time, but the affection is genuine and unconditional.

I grew up in a household with dogs being part of the family. When I moved to the city, I yearned for the comforts of home and the reassuring affection of family. Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to move back home at all. Happiness is having a loving and closely-knit family in another city. But a dog is a different story, they are never intrusive. Instead, they put themselves in the picture and naturally assume that you will deal with it – in an accepting way.

Australian labradoodles pretty much spend their entire life behaving like puppies. They just grow in size, and just like the Labrador, they remain playful, like the Peter Pans of the canine world. Missy was the smallest in the litter, with a caramel colored fleece type of coat. I have allergies and the fleece coated Labradoodles are allergy friendly. She and I are a perfect match.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easily she has adjusted to traveling in a car. She looks out the window, feeling like a boss in a convertible, and just plops on the backseat for a nap when she gets bored at the scenery. She’s a well-mannered baby, and her training shows in her good manners in the company of both humans and dogs.  Their intelligence and friendly demeanor make them among the breeds of choice for guide dogs, and to my pleasant surprise, they are usually welcome in restaurants when they accompany persons with some kind of disability.

I try not to spoil her too much as that would be unkind to her health and well-being, but sometimes, those beautiful button eyes, a feature they get from the Poodle, are enough to melt the staunchest resolve. In all the emotional roller coaster of the past month, the changes at work and in my personal life, Missy’s sweet and sunny disposition disperses the darkest emotions that sometimes cloud my mind.

Oh I know there will be a lot of philosophizing about life with my girlfriends. For now, the quiet, the occasional excited bark or yelp, but for the most part the sight of a happy face of my caramel Labradoodle smiling from the backseat, is irresistibly infectious that I can’t help but bask in the happy world of Missy. It is spring alright, out there as well as inside my heart.


A46, Morning Star Senior Living

Seeing the benefits of a CCRC

For many seniors it becomes easy to see the great benefits that they can find by being in a CCRC. But being able to live with other seniors that are in the same boat and in the same situations allows them to be able to feel part of the community. Senior living centers have become that for many people. They’re able to enjoy the great benefits of being able to be a part of the community and they have many ways in which they can benefit off of each other. What type of community is wonderful for many seniors because they are able to feel a part of the group and love to be a part of it?  Senior living offers the best when it comes to a great facility of which they can be a part of the community and be able to have many conveniences at the same time.

But being able to work with a great senior assisted living center like the Morning Star senior living center if you’re able to have a full-time staff that is there to help assist can help with healthcare issues and routine the activities. Senior living can provide all the meals necessary that seniors may need to be able to help with dieting and exercise to be able to work through any type of elements that somebody may be facing. The senior facilities help to allow a comfort in passing for those who are going to the senior living center and the loved ones who will want to know that they’re being taken care of. Love ones can find great comfort in being able to know that their seniors are being taken care of in a senior assisted-living center. By being able to have all of their needs met and being able to know that somebody is able to watch over on a 24 hour basis helps to share in the comfort of what the senior centers can do for loved ones.

Being able to take a tour many seniors realize the great comfort they can find in a facility like this. CCRC, Respite Care They are great ways in which you’ll be able to see the comforts you can enjoy any senior assisted-living center. Seeing the benefits of CCRC helps many people to know that the community is going to be a part of their lives and they are going to feel comfortable with it. It is a relaxing situation and has many benefits for many seniors. The activities in the great items are available are endless. There are many situations in which seniors are able to do the items that they love to do and be able to do it with the assistance that they may need or not need. With many people around it’s easy to see how it can be a great place for seniors to be. The community makes a world of difference for anybody. Enjoy your life at all periods of time and don’t think about or fear age when so much is there to still live for and enjoy in life.

A46, female dentist, Loveland Family Dentistry

Get the best possible dental care with this well-respected female dentist

If you are looking for an amazing female dentist in the Loveland, Colorado area you don’t need to look any further than Dr. Rhonda Krause.  After she completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1996 she moved to Colorado and established her practice.  Ever since, she has been practicing the best dental care possible while making lasting relationships with her patients.  Dr. Krause truly loves what she does and it is evident when you visit her office.  She and her highly trained staff will comfort you during your dental work but also provide the most intricate care available.  This is done because she has completed over 1,000 hour of postgraduate education.  Dr. Krause believes that once you graduate you should not put your education on hold.  New technologies are always popping up and to provide the best options for her patients she will always continue to learn about them.

You can also rest assured while visiting Loveland Family Dentistry because Dr. Krause is a certified member of the American Dental Association, the Larimer County Dental Society, the Colorado Dental Association, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.  In addition to these prestigious societies, Dr. Krause is a member of the Colorado Academy of General Dentistry.  Outside of her professional memberships, she is also involved in a lot of community service projects.  Dr. Krause has volunteered with Give Kids a Smile, the Mouth Guard Project, and Smile-a-Bration.  These memberships and involvements are just another way to her to stay up to speed with the latest in dental practices.  This way, she can provide complete and comprehensive care for her patients.

More specifically, comprehensive care involves a great deal of measurements and assessments but will lead to lifelong dental health when done periodically.  The staff at Loveland Family Dentistry believe that comprehensive exams build the foundation for long term amazing dental health.  Through a comprehensive exam many underlying medical conditions might be realized.  The mouth is certainly not isolated from the rest of the body, so other conditions can affect dental health and can be detected early family dentistrywhen looked at by a trained eye.  Some of Dr. Krause’s patients discovered cancer or infections in their throats and lungs through a comprehensive dental exam and were able to get them cleared out because they were discovered so early.  Early detection is a huge preventative factor when it comes to cancer, and lives and body parts can be saved when done early.  So don’t think your comprehensive exam is only for your mouth.

On the other hand, your mouth will definitely benefit from these kinds of exams and this is why Dr. Krause and her staff recommend them at least every three years.  Cavities and gum diseases can be detected early as well and damage can be prevented.  Other subtle anomalies can be watched overtime as well so make sure things don’t get worse.  All in all, you can trust to take your entire family to Loveland Family Dentistry to get complete and excellent dental care.


A46, basement remodeling, home basement

A custom home basement can have a game room, home theater and an exercise room in it!

“I have always wanted to live in a house with a basement and now I finally do. I grew up in a place where this wasn’t an option because the ground was way too hard for that. But now we have a home that has a basement and so we can utilize it in a way that works best basement companyfor our family,” Katrina Collum stated to the interviewer. Katrina was recently reviewed on her basement remodeling project and what she did to choose what to do with her new space.

We called a custom home basement company and they told us there were a lot of options for us. We could turn it into an exercise room, game room, guest bedroom, extra bathroom, family room, home theater or tornado shelter. Choosing one of those things felt really stressful and overwhelming because, to be honest, I wanted them all. So guess what I did?” She paused. “I chose them all!”

How were you able to pull that off?

“Well, we are fortunate enough to have a really big basement. We were able to create a spare bedroom with a bathroom attached and then that left a huge open space where we were able to put in a family room or game room that doubled as a home theater and still had room to put all of our gym equipment in there too. I am a personal trainer and so I have plenty of work out stuff and my husband is in the army, so that is really important to us. We also have three children so having a space where we can all be together without having to worry so much about the nice furniture is awesome.”

So how did you set up the home theater/family room part of your basement?

“We actually bought bean bag sofas and chairs which are awesome and set them up in front of our big screen television. Then my husband put in surround sound. There is no outside light down there so we didn’t have to worry much about lighting. When we did our basement remodeling planning, we decided to put in plenty of shelving so we could put all of our kiddos games downstairs for easy access. Also to keep all of their unsightly toys out of the upstairs so we could entertain family and guests without the fear of stepping on a sharp metal car or get glitter all over them.”

Do you actually spend a lot of time in your basement?

“Absolutely. In fact, we spend more time in our basement than we do anywhere else in the house. I work out every day and we watch a movie or play games together almost every night. Plus the basement is so big the kids really utilize the space down there as their game room. It makes clean up so easy because all of their junk is allocating to this one space and we don’t have to worry about guests seeing it as soon as they come over. It’s been perfect.”


A46, Golden Solar

With Your New Solar Panels Installation Your Energy Savings Will be Amazing

The popularity of solar energy is increasing as energy costs go up. With solar energy, you can save big bucks on your energy costs. By utilizing the energy of the sun, you can save money on your electricity as the energy of the sun is free, if you know how to utilize it. The savings to you and your family or your business can be enormous. Solar panels should always be installed by a professional company with a good reputation, to ensure that you are having the installation done correctly. The company of Golden Solar will make sure that you have the right equipment that will work the best and the right installation. They have been in the business long enough to have many satisfied customers and they have a great reputation. They will guarantee every installation to be done expertly and quickly. You will be very happy with the results, especially when you see the savings on energy costs that you will experience. Once you have been spoiled with your low energy rates, you will be extremely happy with the decision to try solar energy. Solar panels are now more affordable with the improvements that have been made with modern technology.

Golden Solar handles all phases of solar design and installation. Whatever type of roof that you may have, they can work with it.solar panel installation You will not have to change anything. They also have a year guarantee of maintenance and 10 year guarantee on labor. The system is almost maintenance free. There is little to do to maintain the system. Solar panel have improved over the years and they are becoming more popular. They are a great source of energy savings while utilizing the power of the sun. You will love the fact that you are saving energy and that your power bills are much lower. Some people are able to eliminate all of their electrical bill. What a savings that would be. If you are considering solar panels, you will want to talk to this company. They are professionals and will make sure that your solar panel installation will be installed professionally and correctly. Don’t leave your solar panels and installation to a company that has not been in the business long or who bids that lowest bid. Go with the professionals who have guarantees that they will give you with their service contract. It’s always a good idea to pick a qualified company with a good reputation. You will never regret the decision to utilize solar energy and to pick a company that is very qualified with a great reputation.

There are many advantages to using solar energy. The natural energy that we get from the sun is a great resource for everyone. Wind energy is also a great resource. A Pika Hybrid system can be installed and you will be able to utilize the energy of the sun. On warm days you can use the solar panels and on windy days you can utilize the power of the wind. The energy savings will be tremendous.



It is Prudent to Call a Skilled Plumber Quickly.

plumberTaking care of your home is a multifaceted task, which necessitates paying attention to all of the various different systems and materials that make up your home.  Your home is comprised of may different materials, as well as several working systems.  One of the best examples of a working system in your home that effects nearly every aspect of your life is your plumbing system.  Plumbing is not a new concept, and it does not rely on the same type of technology as your electrical system does.  Still, it is a complicated system, and if one component of it has problems, it can cause problems elsewhere.  For this reason, it is always prudent to call a skilled plumber, soon after noticing a plumbing issue.  For those in Brooklyn, as well as the rest of New York City, A Good Plumber is an extremely reliable choice for plumbing repair and maintenance.

Plumbing repair can entail any number of things, some of which are invasive and costly.  Mostly, though, plumbing repair is not an overly costly service, provided the damage is minimal or superficial.  In fact, one of the most common reasons for calling a plumber is a clogged drain.  This is something that any talented plumber can solve in a matter of minutes, in most cases.  The process is known as snaking a drain, and it is simply a way of removing physically obstructions from within a drain or pipe.  The common at-home remedy for a clogged drain is to use liquid drain cleaning products, which are notoriously ineffective, as they cannot eat through an actually physical obstruction, which is the cause of nearly every clogged drain.

Needless to say, not all plumbing issues are so benign.  There are also more serious problems.  Leaks are one of the most problematic, among these, though they are quite common.  Leaks can happen pretty easily, and they are not always devastating, though they are always something that should be dealt with as quickly as possible.  There are a couple of different kinds of leaks.  One of the biggest distinctions to be made among leaks is whether or not they are constant or if they only leak, when you run water.  For example, if you have a sink that leaks when you run it, you can simply choose not to run it until it gets repaired.  On the other hand, some leaks continue, even if you are not running any faucets. It goes without saying that these leaks are the most critical to repair right away.

In addition to providing ordinary plumbing help, many plumbing companies also provide water heater repair and installation.  When your water heater is not working, you are going to have trouble completing a lot of very important activities.  Not only does lacking hot water feel inconvenient, it actually makes it difficult to get your clothes and dishes clean.  Furthermore, because most water heaters utilize natural gas, it is highly important that you get it inspected if it stops working, all of a sudden.


Do Tell About Oh Little Rabbit

It seems that everyone has a Pinterest account these days. It is so much fun to hop on and get lost in all the handmade jewelry and the thousands of tutorials you think you might find time to watch someday. It seems like just about everyone else out there is creating all these wonderful crafts and actually finding a way to make a living doing so. It is wonderful to think about how nice that would be to be able to create unique gifts that people wanted to buy.Unique Home Decor

Oh Little Rabbit is exactly one of these little tiny companies that started from just a hobby. This couple began creating ink prints of things that they liked. Then they found a way to put ink print on clothing materials and began making unique onsies just for fun. Before they knew it, they were getting a bunch of people requesting to buy their products. Eventually they quit their other jobs to focus on this hobby that had suddenly just turned business. It is a truly inspiring story and what a great way to get started in the world. Let’s look a little bit deeper into Oh Little Rabbit and see what more there is to find out.

Kitchen and Dining

You will seriously have a blast browsing through homemade items to customize your kitchen and truly make it a unique atmosphere. They offer items like personalized kitchen towels and washcloths, handmade napkins with special designs and color schemes, and aprons the will add a touch of color to any meal without making the chef a mess. There are too many wonderful things to choose from and that is just for the kitchen!

Home and Living

Turn the virtual page and you will find a whole other animal staring you in the face. A lot more adorable handmade items that will liven up your living room and excite all of your guests. Cover your couch cushions with customized pillowcases to add a bit of spice to the room. Or you can browse the hand sewn tote bags that are made to look intentionally scrappy and loved. There is also a chance to be more kind to the planet by looking through reusable grocery sacks and lunch bags so that you no longer have to put those materials to waste. Beautiful items that obviously have character and hard work behind them.


Here is where the ink comes in; the humble beginnings. Browse through various stationary sets that are all hand stamped with non-toxic ink. Look at all the options for greeting cards and even fine art prints. Some are framed already and others are not so you can have fun picking out one to fit in your own home.

Apparel – Make your kids look even more adorable than they already are by looking into these baby onsies and toddler-sized t-shits.

All of these amazing artwork and crafty items are available to look at and purchase entirely online. You are able to shop, order and pay through the Internet and all you have to do is wait for the delivery.

A46, celebrity endorsements

How to Choose a Personality for Celebrity Endorsements

There are numerous celebrities out there – from A-listers to starlets.  Just as many are brands with products who want to get the word out. What makes a good celebrity endorser? Here us a look at the qualities that make a celebrity good ambassadors of a brand.

The right match

Celebrity and product match must be achieved in order to successfully promote a product. The right match means that a personality promoting a product is someone who is also likely to use the product he is telling his fans to buy. This match might be determined by the age group the celebrity is known for, the type of genre he is involved in and the type of characters they portray.

athlete endorsements



There are numbers of celebrities out there. However, not everyone is fit to be a brand endorser. The reason for this is that brands need spokesperson whose opinions are considered valuable by the public. Celebrities who have had bad press may still get endorsement offers because of the buzz that they have created. Brands who want to establish trust with their audience and want their products to be viewed in a positive light, however, prefer celebrities who have maintained their credible reputation.

Type of audience

Companies sell to customers not just to celebrities. This is why the type of audience that personalities command is a big factor in choosing them for celebrity endorsements.  There are many factors to determine the type of audience and each brand must have a clear profile of who they want to reach.Your products need to be endorsed by celebrities whose fans are the right fit for the product. The fan base must be the ones who are the likely consumers of the brand. The type of audience is based on how old your target audience is and other demographic factors such as gender, location and economic standing.

Number of followers on Social Media

Social media has been a big determinant in the success of any type of marketing in the past decade. People are online, your brand should be too. Numerous brands now determine their celebrity endorses by the number of followers they have on Social media. This determines the interest has on a celebrity. This lets companies know that people will follow celebrity appearances and even random posts with your product placed on their day to day life. By strategically positioning your celebrity marketing based on the number of fans and followers, this ensures that products are exposed to thousands and millions of followers who want to know the day to day activities of their favorite personalities.


Is the celebrity currently involved in a movie, music album or a photo shoot right now? Are their faces in popular magazines and newspapers? Are they talked about in Social media? These questions are essential because they measure how relevant a celebrity is. That type of popularity means that if your product is associated with a popular celebrity, their audience is reminded of it whenever news of their idols comes up.